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Thermoforming Technology
Steel Rule Dies
Display & Marketing
Thermoforming Technology:
Custom thermoformed parts for Media advertising Preprinted 3D forming up to 60”X96” with accuracy, Engineering, Automotive, Medical, Lighting industry etc.  Materials from .010” to .5” forming capabilities. ABS, HIPS, Polycarbonate, HDPE, HMWPE, PVC, PETG and any other thermoplastic material including engineering materials.  In case of thin gauge materials up to .060” processed from roll stock. Heavier gauges up to .5” in sheet form, forming area 96”X60”X30”depth. Pre drying of engineering materials and temperature control for moulds. Three axis and Five axis CNC routers 120”X60”X 36” Z axis.  We will provide design and technical services to help you develop product in the most cost effective manner.

Steel Rule Dies:
Manufacturer of quality steel rule dies and HF sealing dies for a wide verity of applications. Serving bindery trade, automotive, furniture, paper and cardboard, plastics component manufacturer and packaging industries. Also provide in house die cutting of paper, cardboard, plastics, and foam product, flexible vinyl. Size up to 80”X40” on a 110 ton press plus high speed Thompson presses. We are well equipped to provide single source for die cutting, thermoforming thin gauge packaging, HF sealing and packing of your product, ready for retailers. Complete co packaging service. Capabilities to handle small or large volumes.

Display and Marketing:
Supplier of quality custom fabricated plastic components and displays for POP market. The company is geared to serve customers requiring precision CNC machined sheet stock in any plastic material or nonferrous metals. Through designing, creating new concepts and manufacturing we serve industries requiring POP displays, signage, CNC machined components and much more.