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Thermoforming Technology Industry has developed an enviable reputation as an innovative leader in thermoformed parts.

With sixty years of combined experience the organization has maintained its commitment to produce the highest quality products in the most economical manner. We carefully review each job to ensure materials selected are appropriate for the application and meet or exceed the standards required. Our team approach that includes customer has allowed us to engineer, design, develop and manufacture products that others could not.

By selecting the right material for an application we are capable of working with ABS, all grades of polyethylene, T.P.O, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester, polycarbonate, acrylic, polyvinylchloride and many newly developed plastic alloys.

Our flexible approach to manufacturing means we can supply parts as simple as a clear thin gauge .010” packaging right up to heavy gauge .5” formed covers. In case of thin gauge, materials up to .060” can be processed from the roll stock with the forming area of 40”X30” with the depth of 9”. In heavier gauges we can process up to .5” materials with the forming area of 60”X96” with the depth of 24” and more.

Depending upon the final trim we can die cut parts up to 48”X72” or using five axis CNC router we can trim part 60”X96 with the height of 30” deep.

Assisting customer from the design stage, through prototype, right up to production and any secondary assembly is our capability. Our commitment to quality and service continue well after product is delivered. Our commitment to quality at a most economical manufacturing gives our customer the best possible product at the best possible price.